Optimizing Relationships ~ deepen & strengthen your relationship
Optimizing Relationships ~ deepen & strengthen your relationship

Building strong, loving couples and changing the world…


Recharge & Renew - live Gottman workshops based on Gottman's 7 Principles to Making Marriage Work book
Ann Arbor, Michigan area

Over the course of a Saturday and Sunday, you and your partner learn game-changing relationship strategies including how to connect better and more frequently without having to try so hard, how to easily come to a joint consensus when talking over those issues that cause ongoing disagreements (yes, I’m talking about those annoying issues that come up over and over and over…) and in your own unique way, you both will experience the renewing refreshment of that sparkly feeling of love - and respect - for each other. Everything will get better as a result of this weekend – your family life, sex, in-law visits, conversations, etc.

This workshop is the perfect place to renew and deepen your relationship, and in so doing impact your family, workplace, and relationships around you.

Currently scheduling in-home, distance, & local workshops - prices vary.
Contact me via optimizingrelationships.com. 


Relationship Help

Want to take a pretty good relationship and make it A LOT better? 

Worried about your relationship's future, or stuck on some specific issue?

If so, then let's chat - I can be reached at sarah at sarahmark dot com.



Note: I am a trained communication specialist, college communication teacher, and a Gottman Educator (this is a fancy way of saying I teach Gottman workshops - John Gottman is a relationship guru/researcher, and I received training at the Gottman Institute).

My areas of focus are: listening, relationships, and communication/human behavior in general. 

Anyway - I think the term coach is overused these days, but that is basically what I am, although I prefer to think of myself as a change facilitator -- I help you get from where you are to where you want to be (aka that sticky process of learning + growth = changing).

If that sounds like a challenge you are ready for, drop me a line via optimizingrelationships.com and we'll talk.




Recent location of Couples Workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Hathaway's Hideaway)
Recent location of Couples Workshop (just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan)